Before their Imbuing, every Hunter possessed beliefs and values founded on their understanding of the world. After they become Imbued, these ideas are thrown into question, perhaps even completely invalidated, by the horrifying revelation of the truth about the monsters among them.

Their beliefs, however, become a more potent representation of themselves, and form the basis of how they deal with supernatural creatures. They also determine which Edges the Messengers see fit to grant them for the Hunt.

As a Hunter's dedication to their Virtues grows, they are granted more powerful Edges, but it is not uncommon for powerfully Imbued Hunters to become obsessive and unstable, even becoming a threat to other Hunters. Characters who give themselves completely to the Hunt (in game terms, have increased their primary Virtue trait to a rating of 10) have usually gone completely insane, personifying their cause. The constant exposure to the horrifying beings they were never meant to comprehend destroys every remnant of their normal lives and personality; nothing matters to them beyond the demands of the Hunt. Other Imbued are usually forced to hunt down such zealots, who are said to suffer from an "Archangel Complex".

There are three main Virtues, as well as one set aside for Waywards.

  • Mercy: Assumes that something is worth saving in every creature. All about Respect and courtesy.
  • Vision: Constantly searches for answers and asks questions.
  • Zeal: While the stance on the supernatural widely varies, the determination these hunters have is extreme.