Thunderckracker is a Side charecter in the series, and the Second charecter to appear ever in the show, he is one of Hunters friends and is also important, like Shockwave, Thunderckracker is also from Transformers


He is a pretty short Cybertronian with chicken like legs, he is blue, red, and silver with a kind of color pattern, he has two thumbs on each hand instead of a extra finger, he has a jet like back, and Golden eyes.


Thunderckracker is kind of a Joker, he had a very Low reputation back then even though he is a friend of Hunter, but since the Locust saga he had changed a bit, he is still a joker but now a little more Honorable and brave, he usually perfers eating diritos as a snack and sometimes Lunch, he mostly hangs out with Shockwave and Spartan Warrior (now known as Ren) alot.

Early life[]

Thunderckracker has a unknown backstory, sadly his early life is unknown, but we do know that he met Hunter a long time ago.


Mr Rogers Saga

he was with Hunter at the Fight of the Ultimates (fight with Mr Rogers), he sadly failed to hurt Rogers and got beat up, luckly he was not too weak

Rise of Rogers Saga

Thunderckracker was watching tv one night and fell asleep, then he woke up and found the tv still on, it was a video of Mr Rogers (real one) singing a song, he then found Rogers, then got beat up for a while, afterwards he rushes to Shockwave and warns him about what happened, later on he was wandering around and saw Rogers yet again this time with a Partner.

Locust saga

He tells Hunter that Sonic is better than mario (which i think is false) and Hunter tells him to go away for a while, later he was with Shockwave looking for chief, then meets Skirmish along the way, then the next day he met a Assasain working with Locust and he kills him, then he was at a meeting about the final battle, later he was at the final battle with Hunter and the rest of the squad against Locust, sadly he still got beat up but still put up a fight, then he celebrated with everyone else.

Delta Saga

this saga is not finished yet, will edit later


Thunderckracker is able to fly since he is a Cybertronian, he can still transform unlike Shockwave who cant, he uses a golden blade sword that is also a gun, he cant do much else so...yeah