Scurge is the third Antagonist of the show that led a mercenary group



he is a human that wore the spartan 4 hunter class armor from halo 5, the armor looks the same as agent lockes suit


Scurge is a serious leader that focuses on his objective, he viewed Locust as a failure trying to impress the rest of the group, he also has a little favor for murder but not as much as Locust, he usually likes to sneak up to his opponents but will engage them normally if he needs too

Early Life[]

Scurge had formed a Mercenary group 3 years ago, later he came across Locust wanting to join, he accepted then welcomed him, he believed that Locust slowly became a disappointment, 3 years later he learned that Locust is dead, so Scurge travels to Harlingen texas to find out what heppened


Delta Saga

Scurge came to the city and started causing trouble, Hunter and his squad were looking for him to put an end to his madness, one day Hunter and his team encountered him and defeated him


Scurge was stronger than a normal super soldier, his punches were twice as hard and kicks were twice as powerful, he usually carried no weapons with him in battle since his strength