Locust is the second Antagonist of the Hunter series, he was a Mercenary that worked with someone named Scurge

Appearance Edit

He was a average built Human who Wore a spartan mark 3 suit with a Gungnir helmet, his armor was a mixture of Green and Silver, the helmet he wore has a screen inside it so he can actually see through it since it doesn't have a normal visor

Personality Edit

Locust was a quiet and serious person who will get any job done when ordered to, he also has a sinister side as well shown in one of the episodes

Early Life Edit

2 years ago he joined a mercenary group lead by Scurge, they worked together killing alot of innocent people, at first he was just doing it just to do the job, but over the years he has grown a interest in murder, one day ago Locust has researched how to make himself into a mutant beast, he has got some gamma radiation while his search, but turns out he needed a boost in strength in order to survive the transformation, he found out about a super soldier named John 117 (master chief) and he thought that he can somehow grab his dna to complete his personal quest, so then he began his journey


Locust Saga

he went to Harlingen texas because he learned that Master chief was there, one day he found Zelta, but he decided to murder him for fun and got some of his strength but it wasnt enough, then he finally found master chief then he knocked him unconscious and took him to his base, Locust confronted him and told him that he was searching for him, then chief found out about zeltas death, he then takes some of Chiefs dna and has completed his quest

one day later he was going to go on a kill fest then was approached by Bane, he learns that Bane has been watching him talking with chief and saw Zeltas dead body, they had a small fight but Locust escaped from him, 2 days later Hunter and some of his team found him, Locust then fought them to the death

then during the fight he has already completed his requirements to transform himself, then he has injected himself with the dna, he has become what he always wanted to be, but it didn't last long because Hunter snapped his neck, so ends the story of Locust

Abilities Edit

Locust carried a sniper rifle with a extended scope, he was a very skilled marksman and often used a sniper, before his transformation he had alot of endurance and speed, but once he became a mutant he was a absolute tank, he was able to crush a normal person skull without even trying