Bane is a Side Character in the series, he was with Hunter before the Show started, he is Hunters right hand man and the Second strongest in the team.


Bane has the same model as the Elite Rangers in Halo Reach.


Bane is a very calm and serious Sangheili warrior, he usually follows orders, mostly on Hunters side on discussions and Plans, he is a very Honorable Soldier that will fight for what he believes in.

Early Life[]

Bane was Born on april 8 2491, when he joined the covenant he wanted to train to become a Elite Ranger a rank given to those that go to space, when he became a Ranger he completed over 30 missions with hes team, then one day he was tasked to be apart of Ztar vadams team, then in 2552 the flood attacked, Bane shot every flood combat form he can, then he saw Ztar running to an Escape pod

Bane told Ztar that he will see him soon, when Ztar left Bane wiped out all of the flood in the area and went to his own escape pod, he landed on earth and wandered the planet looking for shelter, then one day Bane came across Ztar now known as Hunter and went to live with Him, then he noticed they weren't the only ones in the house, Shockwave and Thunderckracker were also taking refuge.


Mr Rogers Saga

Bane participated in the Fight of the Ultimates against mr rogers and won the battle

Rise of Rogers Saga